Suzy Lou Llama: A Tutorial

Suzy Lou Llama: A Tutorial

I was looking for a project that was whimsical and fun when I stumbled upon a llama on a planner at Michaels. With that image in mind, I created a fun llama painting with three-dimensional details and named this character “Suzy Lou Llama.” I think it would be perfect for a girl’s nursery, or just for brightening up a wall. Here’s the tutorial for making your own!

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Suzy Lou Llama Instructions:

Suzy Lou LlamaPaint entire canvas with pink paint. Let dry completely

Using the flower stencil and sponge pouncer, paint flowers across the entire canvas in a random pattern.

Sketch the llama in pencil. The llama is basically an oval for a body, with a longer oval for the neck. The face is a rounded triangle, and the legs are thin lines connected to the body with a rounded triangle. Keep the shapes really simple when sketching it out — these are just a guide for painting.

Paint the legs and face with umber. Add some ears at the top of the head.

Now for the fun part! Use a palette knife to spread texture paste over the llama’s body. Fill in the entire shape, then stipple the surface of the texture paste. Tap the palette knife on the texture paste to make it spike up, then smooth the spikes down so that the texture paste looks like fur. Texture paste may crack a little while drying, but it adds to the appearance of fur.

Finish the llama by drawing in the face with a Copic pen and adding a bow to the top of the head.

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