Mickey and Minnie Painted Pumpkins

Mickey and Minnie Painted Pumpkins

This year’s Halloween pumpkins needed something a little extra. I transformed these pumpkins with DecoArt’s Patent Leather paint to achieve a beautiful finish. These Mickey and Minnie pumpkins are sure to add an extra special touch to our front porch this year.

Mickey PumpkinSupplies:

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Minnie Painted PumpkinDirections:

Paint entire pumpkin with a thin layer of gesso. This will help the paint cover better and provide better adhesion.

Paint top half of pumpkin with black paint and bottom half with red.

paint pieces of cardboard with black paint and set aside to dry.

For Mickey, add two circles to the front of the pumpkin.

For Minnie, add white polka dots with the DecoArt Patent Leather paint.

Cut circles out of the black cardboard, flatten the bottom, and hot glue to the pumpkin.

Top Minnie’s with a piece of polka dot fabric tied around the stem of the pumpkin.

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