Hammered Penny Boho Chic Necklace

Hammered Pennies Boho Chic Necklace

A while ago, I was admiring a lady’s necklace at a wedding. It had tiny, symmetrical disks clustered together. They looked a little like fish scales. It wasn’t a necklace that I would wear, but it had an interesting look to it and it made me want to experiment with clustering some charms made from a simple hammered penny to create a similar look.

For this necklace, I hammered pennies flat, then attached them to create a beautifully organic look with handmade copper disks that are truly one of a kind. 


Hammered Penny Necklace Instructions:

Place steel dapping block on a solid surface. Hammer each penny with an ordinary household hammer. This creates a more uneven hammering texture. Hammer each penny until the design on it is no longer visible, flipping the penny over once or twice.

Create a hole at the top of each hammered penny with the metal hole punch.

Cut a length of chain for your necklace and attach a clasp to each end. At the center of the necklace, attach 4 lengths of chain– two short lengths in the middle, and two longer lengths on the outside. To attach the lengths of chain, open the end link of the chain like a jumpring and reattach to the chain.

Use jumprings every few links to attach the four lengths of chain, to create a mesh-type configuration. Attach each hammered penny evenly across the mesh using jumprings.

Attach beads to the ends of each length of chain.

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