DIY Mermaid Crown

DIY Mermaid Crown

Here is the long awaited tutorial to make your own mermaid crown. This was the perfect accessory to my Ursula costume from Halloween. Everyone asked me where I had purchased it, but I just smiled and said “I made it myself!” This is a super easy tutorial that anyone can do with a little glue and spray paint.


DIY Mermaid Crown

DIY Mermaid Crown Instructions:

Glue seashells to the top half of the headband with strong adhesive. I arranged it with one focal seashell in the center, and two smaller shells on the outside edges, then filled in the holes with leftover shells from the assorted bag.

Let the adhesive dry completely, then test for any movement. If anything wiggles, add more glue to the back of the crown.

Spray paint entire crown and shells with silver spray paint.

To make the foam flowers shorter, I cut them in half and glued just the top half to the bottom edge of the headband. I did this gluing with hot glue so that I could have a solid hold without the drying wait time.

Cut strips of rhinestones and adhere to just a few of the shells on the crown.



DIY Mermaid Crown


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  • Jess Gregg
    March 15, 2017 at 10:15 am

    This one is very pretty! Love the silver and purple.