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March 2016

Top Tools for Your Knitting and Crochet Projects

Yarn Love imageI have been knitting and crocheting for a combined total of more than 27 years. Some years I worked harder on it than others, but I’ve always made time in life to sit down with a ball of yarn to create.

In that time, I’ve amassed quite a collection of yarn and tools. I have yarn under my bed, in three different storage ottomans, in boxes in the closet, and even hiding in a dresser drawer. Remnants get periodically cleaned out and made into my remnant beanies (post coming soon!) and the rest get neatly stacked and stored in every available container.

However, my tools are a different story. They are all stored in a clear, plastic toiletries case (yes, I said toiletries case) because it is easy to find items in a clear container and it has a nice zipper and handle for travel. Read More »

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Why I Knit: Finding Magic in Every k2tog + A Giveaway!

Why I Knit: Finding Magic in Every k2tog

“I learned to knit, but I just never got into it.” I hear this countless times while teaching knitting classes, or discussing hobbies with friends, but I have never understood how it could happen. How could someone have knitting needles in their hands and not feel that surge of happiness like I do? Read More »

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Enter to Win the Winter Issue of Jewelry Affaire!

Jewelry Affaire Winter 2016

Yep, I’ve been published again! It’s always exciting to see my name in print and I am very pleased to offer another giveaway courtesy of Stampington & Company. This time, enter to win a copy of Jewelry Affaire. Read More »

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Behind-the-Scenes of My Blog Makeover + Big Plans for the Future

As you may have noticed, got a face lift. And by face lift, I mean I tore the whole thing apart, build it piece by piece, and tried to get it as perfect as possible for all of you. This is the big unveiling. Ta Da!

First, my header image is different. I figure, if the blog is named after me, I should probably share what I look like. I’m a pretty private person and I hate pictures of myself, so I opted for a very artistic version of a self portrait. Amazingly enough, I did the entire thing in PicMonkey! Read More »

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