Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party: Celebrating Mr. Darcy’s First Birthday!

Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party

To celebrate Mr. Darcy’s first birthday, I decided to be the Hostess with the Mostess. I am usually not very extravagant (except when it comes to my liberal use of glitter), but I do love to spoil my friends and my dogs, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to throw a great shindig that everyone could enjoy. Read More »

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Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party: Upcycled Starbucks Glass Bottles into Stylish Milk Bottle Party Decor

I saw a few parties that used stylish milk bottles as party decor inside Mingle Magazineand I was trying to find a way to incorporate them into the Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party. But at a dollar a piece, it didn’t seem worth the cost just to have extravagant drink glasses. I invested in some frappucinos for a special treat and noticed that the bottles were the same shape as those fancy milk bottles. For the price of some elbow grease, I had these bottles polished, decorated, and rivaling even the highest priced party decor. Read More »

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Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party: Shabby Chic Dog Treat Jars

Shabby Chic Treat Jars

For the Pride and Prejudice puppy party, I recycled the gift jars from a previous post to fill with milk bones (Mr. Darcy’s favorite!). They were a hit at the party and everyone was asking about where to get them and how to make them. These shabby chic dog treat jars are a stylish alternative to the cardboard Milk Bone box. Read More »

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I was Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

I was so kindly nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award by Modern Day Mimzi, which is a blog for today’s grandparents. She does some amazing scripture cards and has great posts about everything from manners to RVing.  There are some great blogs on her list as well (I am excited for Dutch Oven Daddy, which had tons of wonderful recipes to check out).

This award is for smaller blogs in order for them to gain more publicity and build a network. It is also for bloggers get to know other bloggers and nominate their favorites! Read More »


Rainy Days Mixed-Media Art Journal Page Tutorial

Rainy Days Mixed-Media Canvas

A girl with an umbrella always says “hope” to me. Hope that the rain will clear up, hope that she’ll stay dry, hope that what is coming down will stop. There is hope of sunshine, hope of change, hope of tomorrow. It says that in spite of everything, she at least has an umbrella and is protected somehow against the worst of it. It may seem a tad dramatic to put all that pressure onto a simple umbrella, but it is one of my favorite motifs to work with.

For this canvas, I paired book text and the Stabilo All Pencil to create a monochromatic and mixed-media page. Read More »

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My Life in Lists: Using a Planner to Organize Your Dreams + Enter the Giveaway!

My Life in Lists: Planner Page 1

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I love my lists. Every time I feel a little unfocused or I just want to clean out my brain from the things I have to remember, I sit down with a piece of paper and  pen and I start unloading all of my burdens on the page. I list every single little thing on that page until I have covered everything that I am stressing about and everything that I thought I might forget. My last page was 11 x 14″ and I filled both the front and back with purple gel penned notes to myself. And when Saturday rolled around, I got to work chipping away at that list of things until I no longer felt overwhelmed, but instead felt empowered to get even more done.

That is the power of a list — it transforms a cluttered mind into an organized (or unorganized) list and it translates thinking into doing. Read More »

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Super Easy Chalk Roses Tutorial

Super Easy Chalk Roses

These chalk roses are made with soft pastels and look amazing, even though they are very simple to make. Watch the entire video below to see exactly how I layered the colored chalks to get stunning, vibrant, and beautiful roses. Decorate art journal pages, cards, craft projects, and even walls with these easy-peasy florals! Read More »

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Mindfulness and Mandalas: Drawing for Relaxation

Mindfulness and Mandalas GIF

I am always looking for ways to relax at the end of the day. Sometimes it is a Netflix show, sometimes I diffuse a calming essential oil, but other times I’m looking to create something with my hands while I’m spending a few moments on myself. I already knew that knitting can be used to promote mindfulness and calming brain waves because of its repetitive nature and steady rhythm, but I was wondering if there was another craft I could complete that would have the same effect. A quick Google search and I was pointed in the right direction: mandalas.  Read More »

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DIY Broken China Mosaic Tea Tray

DIY Broken China Tea Tray

While browsing on, I found the perfect set of china. It had a 22k border and a robin’s egg blue center with pink roses. I splurged on myself and bought the entire set. However, three dishes didn’t make the trip to my house in one piece, so I had a few pieces that needed to be transformed. Read More »

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Suzy Lou Llama: A Tutorial

Suzy Lou Llama: A Tutorial

I was looking for a project that was whimsical and fun when I stumbled upon a llama on a planner at Michaels. With that image in mind, I created a fun llama painting with three-dimensional details and named this character “Suzy Lou Llama.” I think it would be perfect for a girl’s nursery, or just for brightening up a wall. Here’s the tutorial for making your own! Read More »

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