Mr. Darcy’s Shabby Chic Pet Bed DIY Tutorial

Mr. Darcy's Shabby Chic Pet Bed DIY Tutorial

When I first adopted Mr. Darcy, I was convinced he was going to be a country gentleman, an aristocrat, a distinguished individual straight from the pages of Pride and Prejudice… He has since proved to be a bit more of a squirrel than I expected, but he’s a lively dog who always raises my spirits.

Because I was planning to raise an aristocratic dog, I’ve made sure to decorate his supplies like the country gentleman that he will one day be. For this pet bed DIY, I decided to decorate his bedding so that it was shabby chic and adorable. With shades of cornflower blue, this shabby chic dog bed is perfect for a little chap to lie down in.  Continue reading

Dancing in the Rain Art Journal Page Inspiration

Raining Art Journal Page

With the recent rain in California (which is rare), I decided to create this art journal page to celebrate the glorious weather and the beautiful rain that washes the earth clean. The girl on this page is hand-drawn and is getting a little wet with her rain boots on and her umbrella flung up in the air. Continue reading

Creative New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

New Year's Resolutions

It’s been a productive 2016. I’ve been published in 18 magazines this year! Plus, I’ve been promoted at work and this blog is slowly (and I mean really slowly) picking up steam. I’d call that a good year.

For 2017, I decided that my two words for the year would be Create + Discover. I want 2017 to be the year that I am creative, embrace new opportunities, and find exciting ways to live life to the fullest. With that in mind, here are my New Year’s Resolutions: Continue reading

Mixed-Media Pink and Gold Christmas Ornament Gift Tag

Pink and Gold Christmas Tree Ornament Mixed-Media Tag

I’ve been crushing hard on pink Christmas decorations. You can check out my Pink Christmas Pinterest board here. Plus, Christmas is the one time of year that I can flood my art with gold and sparkles and no one complains (much). So, I decided to make a little sparkle and shine for the holiday season with this pink and gold ornament tag.
Continue reading

Baby Shower DIY: Everly Hanging Photo Frame

Baby Shower Gift: Everly Hanging Photo FrameMy friend recently had a baby “sprinkle” for her new baby, Everly. They were reusing a lot of items from their first child, so it was the perfect opportunity to make something special and personalized for the new baby. Since it was a girl, I couldn’t resist the pink and gold trend. Continue reading

God Bless This Home: Mixed-Media Canvas

God Bless This Home Mixed-Media Canvas

This project was given to my very good friend, Annie, to decorate her new home. Do you know that person who always seems to think of you right when you need it most? She is that person for me and she will be truly missed as she begins her next chapter of life with her family as she moves to Northern California.

Things are a little bit up in the air about the move and she is still working on finding a home for them, so this canvas is a reminder that wherever they settle, there are people praying for their success and blessing. Continue reading

Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

Thanksgiving PizzaI very rarely will ever share recipes– mostly because I don’t have any recipes and can barely cook.However, last year I invented this recipe to use up leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner and it is so good that I just had to share it with all of you. It is definitely an unconventional pizza, but I hope you enjoy it.


  • Pizza crust
  • Turkey
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Diced Onions
  • Mayonnaise


Preheat oven according to instructions for pizza crust.

Spread a thin layer of cranberry sauce on the pizza crust.

Layer with mozzarella cheese.

Top with chunks of turkey and a sprinkle of onions. Spread mayonnaise over the turkey chunks. This keeps the turkey moist while cooking.

Cook pizza according to recommended directions for pizza crust.


Happy Halloween, You Poor Unfortunate Souls! Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

Ursula DIY Octopus CostumeHappy Halloween! I know this is a little late-coming, but I hope you all enjoy this year’s Halloween costume — Ursula! I made the tentacles and hand-painted the dress, as well as creating the tiara (more on the mermaid crown to come!).

The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time. It has amazing music, a brilliant aesthetic, and plenty of Disney magic. So this year, I decided to be Ursula and add some punk rock vibes to her normal octopus look. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading

Mary Poppins and the Dancing Penguin: Jolly Holiday Halloween DIY Costume

Mary Poppins CostumeI have always loved Mary Poppins white and red dress from the movie. It’s iconic and beautifully accented with pops of red. I have been hunting for a dress that would be passable for a Halloween costume forever, but Etsy sellers charge over $500 for a single dress — yikes!

I did not have $500 to spend on a replica from the movie, but I came pretty close and here’s the breakdown for prices:

  • Foam core board
  • White t-shirt (from men’s section at Walmart)
  • Red t-shirt
  • Red Ribbon
  • 2 rolls of tulle
  • White fabric paint
  • Red Buttons
  • Faux red roses
  • 2 yards white fabric
  • Lace ribbon
  • White gloves (from Daiso)
  • Lace parasol (optional)
  • Total:                                                                            $47.98
$6.00 (with Michael’s coupon)

That’s less than $50!

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Needle-Felted Heart Clutch

Heart Felted ClutchI found this clutch at Target for $3 and knew that it was perfect for a quick DIY to add a personal touch. I had bought a needle felting kit and it had been buried in the craft stash for quite some time, so it wound up being the perfect match. I chose a simple design of hearts to decorate my felt clutch. It was a quick process, but very fun to jab some needles in order to create something simple and elegant. Continue reading