Yarn Remnants Project: Fan Stitch Striped Beanie Crochet Pattern

Yarn Remnants Project: Fan Stitch BeanieI hate to waste the last bit of yarn from projects. These teeny tiny clumps of yarn remind me of the past projects that I used them on. Plus, I don’t want to be wasteful — yarn is expensive!

I’ve been saving up my scraps for a while and had enough to create three color-coordinated beanies with this pattern.

New to Crochet? Get the basics and learn a new hobby here.


  • Worsted weight yarn scraps in a variety of colors (each should have approximately 5 yards to make a complete round)
  • Size I Crochet Hook
  • 10 yards of bulky weight yard for brim (optional)



Yarn Remnants Project: Fan Stitch Beanie

  1. This beanie is worked from the bottom brim to the top.
  2. Chain 9, turn, and single crochet in back loop across – 8 sc across.
  3. Crochet each row in back loop only to create a 19-20” strip of single crochet ribbing.
  4. Line up chained row with last row of ribbing and slip stitch together to form a large loop. Check the sizing now to ensure that the 19-20” strip fits around your head. Adjust length as needed for a comfortable fit on your head. Single crochet ribbing is pretty stretchy and will fit most head sizes. Fasten off.
  5. Join new color of yarn remnants with a slip stitch to the top edge of brim.
  6. NOTE: The next step is not exact, so adjust the numbers as needed. Evenly space this row’s pattern.
  7. *5dc in same stitch, skip stitch, 1sc, skip stitch* Repeat this pattern until 14 fans (5dc in same stitch) are formed around the brim, ending with a single crochet in your original slip stitch.
  8. Join new color with a slip stitch in the middle/top of your fan, then single crochet in the same stitch as your original slip stitch. Skip stitch, *5dc in same stitch, skip stitch, 1sc, skip stitch* ending with a slip stitch in your first single crochet.
  9. Continue this pattern of joining a new color and completing a round until beanie is 12” tall from the bottom of the brim to the top of your fan stitches.
  10. Close the top of the beanie by leaving a very long tail when you fasten off, thread through all the tops of the fans, and cinch closed.


Yarn Remnants Project: Fan Stitch Beanie

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  • Sylvia
    October 4, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    What a great pattern to use up yarn! Thank you