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Shabby Chic Mood Board

Shabby Chic Mood Board

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I am obsessed with shabby chic. The pastel blues and pinks and florals just fill me with joy. I have a small collection of flowery hand towels and ruffled décor. Teapots, vintage clocks, chippy white paint — what could be better. Here is some visual inspiration to help you jump aboard the shabby chic bandwagon. Read More »


DIY Upcycled Cello Lamp

DIY Cello LampThis cello was destined for the dumpster before I saved it. My aunt is a music teacher and had this instrument returned to her with the neck broken off. Instead of wasting such a beautifully made instrument, I decided to transform it into something else. It would never play music again, but it provides light for our music room, so it now has a new life and new purpose. Read More »

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7 Projects for the Home to Inspire

7 Projects for the HomeI love having a home with personal touches. Anyone can buy something sterile and plain, but it is the truly creative people who will transform those items into pieces that are uniquely theirs. Here are some ideas from projects I made for Stampington & Company that you can explore completely by clicking on the photo. Read More »

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