Super Easy Chalk Roses Tutorial

Super Easy Chalk Roses

These chalk roses are made with soft pastels and look amazing, even though they are very simple to make. Watch the entire video below to see exactly how I layered the colored chalks to get stunning, vibrant, and beautiful roses. Decorate art journal pages, cards, craft projects, and even walls with these easy-peasy florals!



Draw pink circles on opposite corners of the page. Blend with your finger. Scallop the edges of the circles and fill in with pink.

Tip: Remember which finger you blend each color with to avoid smearing the colors into one another.

Color around the pink rose shapes with sky blue chalk and blend with a different finger.

Draw in green leaf shapes and blend. Add details with a darker green chalk.

Add shapes (like parentheses) to your roses to add definition. If something doesn’t look right, just blend it out with your finger.

Be sure to spray your work with final fixative spray at the end so that the finished project doesn’t smear.

Crafts / DIY, Mixed-Media Art, Paper Crafting
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  • Kim Collister
    July 15, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    I LOOOVED IT?❤️? Well done, easy to follow and inspiring because chalk can be a little intimidating if someone has never used it. Great video!!