Quick and Easy Decorative Gift Jars

Decorative Gift Jars

These gift jars are a quick and easy way to package any present. I hate throwing away wrapping paper and gift bags, but I never know what to do with them after I have received the gift. These jars are picture perfect, but can also be used for all kinds of storage after the gift has been unwrapped.

Decorative Gift JarsSome Uses:

  • Storing cotton balls, Q-tips, and other essentials in the bathroom
  • Displaying dry goods like flour or rice in the kitchen
  • Storing craft supplies like buttons, embellishments and other loose items

These jars are also great for packaging little gift bundles. You can pack it with everything the recipient needs for a mani-pedi, or fill it with coffee beans and a gift card to Starbucks.

Supplies Needed:


Drill a hole in the top of each lid.

Spray paint each lid and let dry. To improve coverage, use a spray paint with primer built in. Lesson learned: Off-white is a very difficult color to get to cover the lid thoroughly. I ended up with some metal edges peeking through.

When lids have dried completely, screw the decorative knob to the top of the lid.

Tip: If your decorative knob has a post that is too long, you may need to saw off the excess.

Wrap the wide ribbon around the jar and hot glue in place. Wrap the jute twine around the jar several times and tie with a bow.

Enjoy! My two jars are currently storing my teeny tiny yarn balls that I hope to use soon in a post on busting your craft stash and using up yarn remnants. More to come soon!



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