Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party: Upcycled Starbucks Glass Bottles into Stylish Milk Bottle Party Decor

I saw a few parties that used stylish milk bottles as party decor inside Mingle Magazineand I was trying to find a way to incorporate them into the Pride and Prejudice Puppy Party. But at a dollar a piece, it didn’t seem worth the cost just to have extravagant drink glasses. I invested in some frappucinos for a special treat and noticed that the bottles were the same shape as those fancy milk bottles. For the price of some elbow grease, I had these bottles polished, decorated, and rivaling even the highest priced party decor.


Upcycled Starbucks Glass Bottles Instructions:

To clean up these bottles, make sure that the inside is emptied and rinsed before starting (they will mold quickly if they don’t get rinsed out).

Use a razor blade to peel up the corner of each label on the outside of the bottle, then remove the entire label. You can soak them in hot water to make the labels come off a little easier.

Add some adhesive remover to a sponge and scrub the sticky off the outside of each bottle. If you use Goo Gone, the adhesive will come off really easy, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing too much.

Throw all the milk bottles in the dishwasher and clean.

For decoration, I wrapped a piece of washi tape around the middle, tied a length of pink baker’s twine around the top with a bow, and finished the look off with a coordinating paper straw.

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