Needle-Felted Heart Clutch

I found this clutch at Target for $3 and knew that it was perfect for a quick DIY to add a personal touch. I had bought a needle felting kit and it had been buried in the craft stash for quite some time, so it wound up being the perfect match. I chose a simple design of hearts to decorate my felt clutch. It was a quick process, but very fun to jab some needles in order to create something simple and elegant.


Felted Heart Clutch Supplies


Heart Felted ClutchPut the foam insert from the felting kit into the clutch.

Place cookie cutter in center of felt clutch above the foam insert. Lay roving wool inside the cookie cutter, spreading it out to cover the entire area.

Stab the felting needle through the wool and the clutch, into the foam insert. Continue stabbing until the wool is entirely felted to the clutch. This will take several minutes of intense stabbing (but it is super fun!). If needed, add small pieces of wool to cover any thin spots.

Repeat this process for the other two hearts.


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