Mixed-Media Self Portrait Step-By-Step Tutorial

Mixed-Media Self Portrait

I’ve always been hesitant to create a self portrait. Something about trying to capture a true version of yourself never seemed attainable. Then, I was creating a fun, nerdy girl with some mixed-media details and I realized that I had accomplished a self portrait without even meaning to. It is a fair likeness and I love that I somehow managed to capture my crazy hair and my burgundy glasses. Here’s how I accomplished this mixed-media self portrait. 

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Mixed-Media Self Portrait Instructions:

Sketch out a basic face shape and hair on a sheet of watercolor paper. Remember to focus on simple shapes. The face was a rectangle with very rounded corners and the hair is just a wavy line around the square.

Sketch in your defining features. For me, my defining features that I chose to focus on were my glasses and my hair. I made big and curly hair that framed my face and I sketched in the shape of my glasses, using a photo as a reference shot. Try to incorporate at least two things that represent you.

Once you are satisfied with your sketch, lay a piece of melange tissue paper over the sketch and trace the hair. Cut out this piece and adhere to the watercolor paper on gel medium.

Trim a piece of color resist fabric to the size of your shoulders, scribble with gelatos, and blend with water. Do not blend completely, but let the colors stay distinct to add texture and interest to your piece. Attach to the watercolor paper with a thick coat of gel medium.

Color skin tone with water-soluble oil pastels. Blend thoroughly with water. Dab in some pink tones with your finger to give your cheeks some life.

Scribble hair with several shades of brown and blend with water, again letting the unique strokes and colors remain.

Use a text stamp and blue ink to cover the background. Find a similar color of chalk and cover over the text so that it barely peeks through. Blend thoroughly with your finger.

Finish the design by outlining all pieces with a black India ink brush pen.


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  • Kim Collister
    March 14, 2017 at 9:50 am

    I was thinking that my doodle girl would probably have a mouth.. a big one LOL..
    But since the eyes are so important to an artist and the windows of the Soul, I love your doodle girl and the focus on her hair and glasses! She is perfect❤