Mixed-Media Pink and Gold Christmas Ornament Gift Tag

Pink and Gold Christmas Tree Ornament Mixed-Media Tag

I’ve been crushing hard on pink Christmas decorations. You can check out my Pink Christmas Pinterest board here. Plus, Christmas is the one time of year that I can flood my art with gold and sparkles and no one complains (much). So, I decided to make a little sparkle and shine for the holiday season with this pink and gold ornament tag.


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Collage small squares of book text to the shipping text. As you glue down your pieces with gel medium, also brush a layer of gel medium over the top of each piece.

Once gel medium has completely dried, brush on a thin layer of pink paint so that the book text is still visible. Cover any areas of book text that you don’t want visible and wipe away any excess paint with a baby wipe.

Draw a basic ornament shape on spare cardstock and cut out. Combine gold and tan paint and paint entire ornament with this color.

Cover the top of the ornament with a piece of lace. Attach with gel medium.

Sponge on a thin layer of gold paint over lace so that the previous layer of gold and tan paint shows through. Dry brush over the rest of the ornament so that the previous layer is visible. If too much gold paint is applied, layer more gold and tan paint.

Attach ornament with gel medium to the center of the tag.

Draw in details of the ornament with a Copic Gasenfude pen.

Apply texture paste through the small flower stencil with a palette knife.

Finish by writing in a Christmas sentiment with the pen, or top with a decorative ribbon and lace scrap.


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