How-To: Mixed-Media Grungy Christmas Tags

Mixed-Media Christmas Tags

Mixed-Media Christmas Tags

I wanted to share with all of you that I was featured on Roben-Marie Smith’s blog!


Every year, I try to add a personal touch to my gifts. I have hand-knit scarves, engraved names onto mugs, and even wrapped gifts according to each person’s house at Hogwarts (Gryffindor!). This year, I’ve decided to personalize each gift with a mini piece of artwork on each gift tag.

These gift tags can feature everyone’s favorite part of Christmas, from the tree to snowmen to stockings and cozy mittens. Each tag features the same color palette and dots, so the whole set looks like one cohesive collection.


  • Manilla shipping tags
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Royal Fuchsia
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Festive Green
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Sour Apple
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Desert Turquoise
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Citron Green
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Lavender
  • DecoArt Americana paint – Snow White/Titanium White
  • Punchinella Ribbon scraps
  • Dot stencil
  • Stabilo All Marking Pencil
  • Hot pink ribbon
  • Book text
  • Assorted scrap papers
  • Snowman, Mittens, and Stocking: Huckleberry Holiday Art Pops Sticker Tape
  • Snowman: raised circle stickers (2 for eyes and 3 for buttons)
  • Present: Wait for Me Art Pops Sticker Tape
  • Tree: Lo’s Serendipity Art Pops Card, chipboard star

Grungy Christmas Mixed-Media Gift Tags Directions:

Prime each shipping tag with gesso, then glue punchinella ribbon to the corners of the tag.

For each tag, paint entire tag with Desert Turquoise paint and add some coordinating paint smudges in the other colors.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Mixed-Media TagCut out a lopsided triangle to fit the center of the tag. Paint with messy layers of Sour Apple, Citron Green, and Festive Green.

Adhere to the tag with a small scrap of brown paper for the trunk of the tree.

Cut the border off of the Lo’s Serendipity Art Pops Card and add stripes to the Christmas tree shape.

Glue a chipboard star to the top of the tree.

Scribble around the edges of the tag, around edges of tree, and on the punchinella ribbon with Stabilo All Marking Pencil. Blend with water and dab away any excess with a paper towel. Repeat as necessary to distress entire tag. Allow the black pigment from the pencil to pool up in the punchinella ribbon.

Add some dots using the dots stencil and the Stabilo All Marking Pencil.

Splatter entire tag with watered down Fuchsia paint.


Snowman Mixed-Media Christmas TagCut two circles from book text and paint with a thin layer of white paint.

Attach Art Pops Sticker Tape to the back of the snowman and wrap around like a scarf. Cut fringe into each end and fold back every other piece to make the fringe visible.

Cut twig arms from a scrap of brown paper and a carrot nose from some orange paper.

Adhere all of the pieces of the snowman to the shipping tag with gel medium and seal the top of the snowman with a thin layer of gel medium.

Distress snowman using the same technique as the Christmas tree, scribbling the edges of the tag with Stabilo pencil and blending with water. Splatter with Fuchsia paint.


Mittens Mixed-Media Christmas TagCut two pieces of Art Pops tape to form a square in the middle of the shipping tag. Paint the tape with gesso to blend away some of the brightness.

Trim two mitten shapes from patterned scrapbooking paper. Paint with a very thin layer of Desert Turquoise paint so that the pattern still shows through.

Add a thick layer of white paint to the top of each glove to mimic the look of fur trim.

Distress tag with the same technique as above, scribbling the tag with Stabilo pencil and blending it with water. Add dots to the corners with Stabilo pencil.


Christmas Present

Christmas Present Mixed-Media TagSketch a three-dimensional box on pink paper. Cut out and adhere to the center of the card.

Trim a strip of Art Pops tape in half to make very skinny tape, then add it to the gift box in an X-shape on the top and along each side.

Stick the remaining Art Pops strip to a piece of scrap paper, then fold it to form a box shape. Attach to the top of the box.

Distress tag as before, scribbling with a Stabilo pencil around the edges of the present and the tag, then blending with water. Add dots to the corner with the pencil.



Christmas Stocking Mixed-Media TagPaint a piece of scrap paper with Fuchsia paint. Cut out a stocking shape and adhere to the middle of the tag. Cut a piece of Art Pops tape to make the fur trim at the top of the stocking.

Distress by scribbling Stabilo pencil around the edges and on the punchinella ribbon, then blend with water. Add dots using the dot stencil and the Stabilo pencil.

Happy Holidays, Mixed-Media Art
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