Happy Thanksgiving! Fall Pumpkins Mixed-Media Art Journal Page

Fall Pumpkins Mixed-Media Art Journal Page

For my November-themed art journal page, I was finally getting into the mood of the season and embracing the warm colors of fall. Also, I was just accepted into the Blogger Outreach Program and they shipped me loads of cool paints, mediums, and tools! I am so excited to be able to use their Americana paints (they are my absolute fave for mixed-media pieces!) and my art table is now overflowing with new supplies. My inner child/inner craft stasher is absolutely freaking out with art ideas.

For this art journal page, I did very simple pumpkins, but they really come to life with the distressed details. Stabilo All Marking Pencils are the best! Check out the video to see how I layered different layers of scribbled pencil, blended it with water, and created a very aged, grungy look for the page.


Fall Pumpkins Art Journal Page Supplies List:

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Fall Pumpkins Mixed-Media Art Journal Page Directions:

Collage patterned papers, book text, and antique letters to the journal page. Adhere with gel medium and seal over the top of each piece with the gel medium as well.

When gel medium is completely dry, brush on mostly Citron Green with streaks of Light Buttermilk, Honey Brown, True Ochre, and Warm Beige. Blend until satisfied with the background. Wipe away excess paint with a paper towel so that the patterned papers still show through.

Draw pumpkins with the Stabilo pencil. Draw in a tall oval and a long oval, then piece the pumpkins together with different half circles to form the different sections of the pumpkins. Focus on simple shapes and don’t stress about creating perfection. The more lopsided the pumpkin, the better it will look in the end. Pumpkins aren’t perfect!

Paint short pumpkin with Jack-O’-Lantern Orange and Coral, leaving the paint very streaky, then add streaks of Honey Brown, True Ochre, and the other colors to keep the streaky appearance. Don’t overblend, the paints should be piled on freely until you are satisfied with the composition. The tall pumpkin is made of Light Buttermilk with True Ochre and Warm Beige streaks.

Outline each section of the pumpkin with Stabilo All Marking Pencil. Make it very scribbly and free. Again, perfection is not the goal! Leave it messy and it will look better in the end than a “polished” pumpkin will look.

Scribble around the edges of the page, wet with water and a paintbrush, then dab away excess with a paper towel. Repeat process as necessary to create a distressed look.

Add sentiment with an India ink marker, then scribble over the top of the marker with Stabilo pencil to mimic the scribbly nature of the rest of the page.


Watch the video below to see the entire process for creating this pumpkin art journal page!

Fall Pumpkins Mixed-Media Art Journal Page

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