Happy Halloween, You Poor Unfortunate Souls! Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

Happy Halloween! I know this is a little late-coming, but I hope you all enjoy this year’s Halloween costume — Ursula! I made the tentacles and hand-painted the dress, as well as creating the tiara (more on the mermaid crown to come!).

The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time. It has amazing music, a brilliant aesthetic, and plenty of Disney magic. So this year, I decided to be Ursula and add some punk rock vibes to her normal octopus look. Here’s how I did it.



Ursula DIY Octopus Costume


Mark a sweetheart neckline on the black dress with a piece of chalk. Use a paint roller or brush to spread the purple puffy paint on in thin layers. Let dry completely. I did several layers of paint to get the nice opaque color, but it was a little stiff after all the paint.


Tape off the sides of your dress with masking tape. Tape off any area that you don’t want the stenciled design.

Lay down your stencil and spray with Silver Quick Shot paint by Tulip. Use short bursts and move the bottle quickly because it will pool under the stencil if too much is used.

Ursula DIY Octopus Costume


Lay the tube socks down flat on a protected surface.  Apply a thin layer of puffy paint to one side of the tube sock with a paint roller.

Use a bottle cap to stamp white circles onto the purple painted area. These are your octopus suckers!

Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

Flip sock inside out and sew end of sock into a more pointed shape. Flip right-side out again.

With the black side of the sock facing up, tie elastic cording to the very, very tip of the sock and stitch up the middle of the black side of the sock. Cinch the elastic cording and tie off. Cinch each sock at different tensions because this will give your tentacles different amounts of curl at the ends.

Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

Tip: I chose to use elastic cording instead of wiring the tentacles because this would allow the tentacles to bend when sitting down.

Stuff each tentacle with fiberfill, fold over the top of the sock, and stitch shut. Thread purple ribbon through each of the top folds.

The tentacles are tied around your waist and should rest right at the bottom of the painted portion of your dress.

Ursula DIY Octopus Costume

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