Happy 4th of July! American Flag Beanie Free Pattern

4th of July American Flag Beanie

Happy 4th of July! I’m headed off to Grandma’s to light up some fireworks tonight, but I thought I’d share another awesome beanie pattern.



  1. Beginning with blue yarn and Size N crochet hook, make a magic loop and single crochet 6 times into it.
  2. increase in every stitch around
  3. *1sc, 1inc* around–12 stitches
  4. *2sc, 1inc* around–18 stitches
  5. *3sc, 1inc* around–24 stitches
  6. *4sc, 1inc* around–30 stitches
  7. *5sc, 1inc* around–36 stitches
  8. *6sc, 1inc* around–42 stitches
  9. Measure the diameter of your circle to ensure that it is at least 5.5″ wide (this will create an adult size beanie)
  10. Change to red yarn, sc around for 2 rounds
  11. Change to white yarn, sc around for 2 rounds
  12. Repeat Rounds 10 & 11 for striping pattern and continue until beanie fits your head (at least 7″ from magic loop when beanie is flattened)
  13. Fasten off.
  14. Finishing: sew shirt buttons to the top of the beanie in a random, scattered pattern. Weave in ends.
  15. For child’s size beanie: skip to striping pattern after round 6.

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