DIY Upcycled Cello Lamp

DIY Cello Lamp

This cello was destined for the dumpster before I saved it. My aunt is a music teacher and had this instrument returned to her with the neck broken off. Instead of wasting such a beautifully made instrument, I decided to transform it into something else. It would never play music again, but it provides light for our music room, so it now has a new life and new purpose.



DIY Upcycled Cello Lamp

This cello lamp is really easy to assemble in just a few steps.

To begin, find the circumference of the base of your lamp. Measure at the base where the bulb attaches to the lamp. This will be the same size as the hole needed in the cello so that your lamp rests on top of the cello.

Trace the hole on the top of the cello, close to the neck of the instrument. Cut out the hole with a power saw.

Remove the endpin from the cello, or carve an additional hole in the bottom of the instrument for the cord of the lamp.

Drop the lamp’s cord from the top of the instrument through the endpin. The lip of the lamp’s base should rest on top of the first hole and cover the saw hole.

Pick any shade that fits over the scroll of the instrument (the scroll of the instrument is the top of the instrument that has the pegs sticking out). Use a piece of wire or string to attach the shade securely to the neck so that the scroll peeks out the top.

If you need more stability, attach the cello to a base with screws or strong adhesive.

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