DIY Snow White Costume + Poison Apple and Evil Queen Dog Costumes!

DIY Snow White, Poison Apple, and Evil Queen Costumes

I attended a Disney Princess Bridal Shower back in June (I know, my friends are awesome!) and I bought this yellow skirt so that I could dress as Snow White. For Halloween, I decided to add some pizzazz to the costume and accessorize with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. Mr. Darcy made a perfect Poison Apple (It was hilarious to see him all chubbed out), and Mr. Bingley was already black, so I figured the Evil Queen would suit him well.

Snow White Costume

DIY Snow White Costume



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Trim the yellow skater skirt with a stenciled design, using the red fabric paint.

Sew some large tubes and run a length of elastic at the top and the bottom to form the dramatic sleeves. Hot glue gold ribbon to the center of the red satin ribbon, then glue 3-4 lengths of the red ribbon along the tube sleeves.

Trim the royal blue t-shirt with gold trim, attaching with hot glue (normally, I’d take the time to sew it on, but a Halloween costume that I’ll probably only wear once can be hot glued together. If you’re crafting this as a costume you’ll DisneyBound in or wear all the time, take the extra few minutes and sew the trim and ribbons in place).

The sleeves just pull on over the top of the t-shirt’s sleeves.

For the headpiece, hot glue 3 faux red roses to a length of the red satin ribbon. To keep the headpiece from slipping, I hot glued a comb to the underside of the ribbon.


DIY Snow White Costume

Poison Apple Dog Costume

Poison Apple Dog Costume



Fit the shirt to your dog by sewing a seam along the length of the front, bringing the sleeves closer together.

Fold bottom of t-shirt all the way up to the armpits and sew around, leaving a small opening for the stuffing.

Stuff the entire ring with polyfill stuffing, adjusting the stuffing with a chopstick to fill the entire space evenly.

Make a stem and leaf out of yarn or felt, stuff stem, and attach both pieces to the top of the apple shape.


Once Mr. Bingley discovered that Mr. Darcy’s costume had a fun stem and leaf, it was all over. Mr Bingley couldn’t resist!

Mr. Bingley

Evil Queen Dog Costume

Snow White and the Evil Queen DIY Costumes


  • Black sock
  • Yellow yarn or felt
  • White yarn or felt


I made this costume with crocheted pieces, but think that felt would have been a little stiffer and easier to work with.

Cut holes for the face and ears in the sock shape. If your dog is too big to fit a sock (Bingley is just barely 6 pounds!), then you can also make this “hood” out of the sleeve of a long sleeve shirt or sweater.

Cut from gold/yellow felt to make a crown and attach to the top of the sock with a length of yarn or hot glue.

Cut a half circle from white felt to create the collar. Attach to the edge of the sock shape.


Amazingly enough, Mr. Darcy was a perfect angel during our “photo shoot” (thank you Petsmart Training!) and Mr. Bingley was a bit distracted. When I tried to take the shot, he decided to itch himself…

Mr. Bingley

… and roll over…
Mr. Bingley

…And play with fuzz on the floor…Mr. Bingley


Oh well, he’s cute, so he can get away with it!


Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! Share your costume ideas in the comments below!

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