Dancing in the Rain Art Journal Page Inspiration

Raining Art Journal Page

With the recent rain in California (which is rare), I decided to create this art journal page to celebrate the glorious weather and the beautiful rain that washes the earth clean. The girl on this page is hand-drawn and is getting a little wet with her rain boots on and her umbrella flung up in the air.



This page was done in an altered book art journal. It was a chapter book I had growing up. To prep the page, paint on a thin layer of gesso, allowing the print of the book to show through.

Scribble gelatos across the top of the page in a few different shades of blue and purple.

Mist top of page with the spray bottle, and let the drips run down the page. Wick away any excess moisture with the edge of a paper towel.

Cut a cloud shape into a piece of cardstock. Mask the bottom of the page  with this shape and spread the texture paste with a palette knife.

Draw your girl with her umbrella onto a spare piece of paper. I used a piece of cardstock that was patterned with music notes and text.

Use a water brush to pick up color from the gelatos, then color in your girl. Outline the design with the black Big Brush Pen.

Computer-generate the quote and cut out. Edge with the bright magenta Big Brush Pen.

Adhere girl and quote to the book page.


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  • Kim Collister
    April 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    I love the texture used for the clouds and that you hand drew your girl and added her to your page. Great rainy day Journal page! Also happy that you got rain!??