Crochet Your Own Pom-Pom Teapot Cozy

Pom Pom Teapot Cozy

Pom Pom Teapot Cozy*Because no two teapots are exactly alike, this pattern is a guide to making your own cozy and relies on your own measurements of your teapot.*

I found this little black teapot at a thrift store for a few bucks and couldn’t resist. I’m not much of a tea-drinker, but everyone in my family is obsessed with the perfect cup of tea. There have been great debates over whether or not to put the milk or the tea in the cup first. There was even a fisticuffs moment when I told my sister I didn’t really like her chai tea. However with this cute tea cozy, I might have to become a tea connoisseur!

  1. Measure the widest part below the spout and handle of your teapot.
  2. Divide the measurement from step 1 in half. That will be the length of your foundation chain.
  3. Chain the length you found in step 2.
  4. Measure from the table to the top of your teapot (including any knob on top of the lid). Subtract 2.5 inches from your measurement.
  5. Take your answer from step 4 and work in sc until your piece is that long, measuring from your foundation chain up.
  6. For the next 1.5 inches, make 1 decrease in the first 2 sc and last 2 sc every row. Also, count how many rows are worked for this 1.5 inches. This step creates the taper at the top of the cozy.
  7. For the next 1.5 inches, work an increase in the first sc and last sc every row. Work the same number of rows as in step 6, ending with the same number of sc’s as you had in step 5.
  8. Work same number of rows of sc as step 5. When folded in half, the fold should line up with the indentations of the taper and the two sides should be symmetrical.
  9. Folding the piece in half, join your current row with your foundation row and sc in the round for 1 inch. Fasten off.
  10. Sew the curved edges of either side of the top fold so that the cozy fits snuggly, but can still be pulled on and off your teapot easily.
  11. Finishing: Using the holes of your sc rows as a guide, add colorful stripes to the sides of your cozy. Using the same colors, make a large colorful pom-pom and attach to the top of the cozy.
  12. Enjoy your first cup of tea from your very cozy teapot!

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