Cherry Pie Ornament

IMG_0615.JPGI got a new car recently and it is adorable! Originally, I was planning on a blue hatchback that we were going to nickname “The Blueberry,” but I decided on a red Mazda2, so the new name is just “The Berry.” And in honor of my new car, I crocheted a fun ornament to hang from my rear view mirror.

Also, Pi Day was only a few days ago and it got me thinking about pie! Being gluten free, I did not partake of the pie, but I sure wanted to.

Here’s how to make this cherry pie ornament:

Using the beige yarn, Chain 12.

  1. dc in 8th ch from hook, ch2, dc in last chain.
  2. ch5, dc in last dc from previous row, ch2, skip2, dc, ch2, skip2, dc, ch2, dc in same stitch as previous dc.
  3. ch5, sk3,dc, *ch2, dc in previous row’s dc* 3 times
  4. ch5, sk3 *dc in previous row’s dc, ch2* 3 times
  5. ch3, sk3, dc *ch2, dc in previous row’s dc*2 times, sk2 dcBegin with the red yarn for the pie filling.
    1. Make a magic loop and sc 6 times into it. (If you don’t know how to make a magic loop, you can find great YouTube tutorials all over the place. It is the best way to start working in the round.)
    2. Increase (inc) in every sc around.
    3. *1sc, 1inc*
    4. *2sc, 1inc*
    5. *3sc, 1inc*
    6. *4sc, 1inc*
    7. Fasten off.

    Now, with the beige yarn, repeat rounds 1-6 and continue:

    1. 4sc, 1dec *10sc, 1dec* 6sc
    2. sc around
    3. sc around
    4. sc around
    5. Hold pieces together with lattice top crust on top, then pie filling, then bottom pie crust. Single crochet through all 3 layers around, stuffing with fiberfill as you go.
    6. *dc 5 times into next sc, skip 2, sc, skip 2* around. Adjust this row to the number of sc’s you made in the previous round.
    7. Fasten off OR For hanging loop, ch30, sc in next stitch, then fasten off.

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