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Super Easy Chalk Roses Tutorial

Super Easy Chalk Roses
These chalk roses are made with soft pastels and look amazing, even though they are very simple to make. Watch the entire video below to see exactly how I layered the colored chalks to get stunning, vibrant, and beautiful roses. Decorate art journal pages, cards, craft projects, and even walls with these easy-peasy florals! Read More »

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Mindfulness and Mandalas: Drawing for Relaxation

Mindfulness and Mandalas GIF

I am always looking for ways to relax at the end of the day. Sometimes it is a Netflix show, sometimes I diffuse a calming essential oil, but other times I’m looking to create something with my hands while I’m spending a few moments on myself. I already knew that knitting can be used to promote mindfulness and calming brain waves because of its repetitive nature and steady rhythm, but I was wondering if there was another craft I could complete that would have the same effect. A quick Google search and I was pointed in the right direction: mandalas.  Read More »

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Mixed-Media Self Portrait Step-By-Step Tutorial

Mixed-Media Self Portrait

I’ve always been hesitant to create a self portrait. Something about trying to capture a true version of yourself never seemed attainable. Then, I was creating a fun, nerdy girl with some mixed-media details and I realized that I had accomplished a self portrait without even meaning to. It is a fair likeness and I love that I somehow managed to capture my crazy hair and my burgundy glasses. Here’s how I accomplished this mixed-media self portrait.  Read More »

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Dancing in the Rain Art Journal Page Inspiration

Raining Art Journal Page

With the recent rain in California (which is rare), I decided to create this art journal page to celebrate the glorious weather and the beautiful rain that washes the earth clean. The girl on this page is hand-drawn and is getting a little wet with her rain boots on and her umbrella flung up in the air. Read More »

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Mixed-Media Pink and Gold Christmas Ornament Gift Tag

Pink and Gold Christmas Tree Ornament Mixed-Media Tag

I’ve been crushing hard on pink Christmas decorations. You can check out my Pink Christmas Pinterest board here. Plus, Christmas is the one time of year that I can flood my art with gold and sparkles and no one complains (much). So, I decided to make a little sparkle and shine for the holiday season with this pink and gold ornament tag.
Read More »

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Baby Shower DIY: Everly Hanging Photo Frame

Baby Shower Gift: Everly Hanging Photo FrameMy friend recently had a baby “sprinkle” for her new baby, Everly. They were reusing a lot of items from their first child, so it was the perfect opportunity to make something special and personalized for the new baby. Since it was a girl, I couldn’t resist the pink and gold trend. Read More »

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God Bless This Home: Mixed-Media Canvas

God Bless This Home Mixed-Media Canvas

This project was given to my very good friend, Annie, to decorate her new home. Do you know that person who always seems to think of you right when you need it most? She is that person for me and she will be truly missed as she begins her next chapter of life with her family as she moves to Northern California.

Things are a little bit up in the air about the move and she is still working on finding a home for them, so this canvas is a reminder that wherever they settle, there are people praying for their success and blessing. Read More »

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$3 Cork Board Makeover

$3 Cork Board MakeoverI found this cork board at Daiso for $1.50. It was exactly what I needed to organize my notes for the blog. However, it was really unattractive and boring. This quick and easy makeover added just enough pizzazz that it is now worthy of being displayed at my desk. Read More »

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Paper Crafting: Airmail Thank You Card

Airmail Thank You Note Card
This was a fun card that I made to thank an interviewer when I was looking for a job. It has lovely airmail touches and fun, whimsical details. Read More »

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