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March 2015

Cherry Pie Ornament

IMG_0615.JPGI got a new car recently and it is adorable! Originally, I was planning on a blue hatchback that we were going to nickname “The Blueberry,” but I decided on a red Mazda2, so the new name is just “The Berry.” And in honor of my new car, I crocheted a fun ornament to hang from my rear view mirror.

Also, Pi Day was only a few days ago and it got me thinking about pie! Being gluten free, I did not partake of the pie, but I sure wanted to.

Here’s how to make this cherry pie ornament: Read More »

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Leprechaun Beanie Crochet Pattern– Beanie-A-Month Pattern

leprechaun beanieHappy St. Patty’s Day! My family loves the Emerald Isle.  I gravitate toward the folklore and culture, my sister loves the music, my mom loves the history. Between us all, we are big fans of the country and we celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style.

Beginning this month, I thought I would offer a free beanie pattern every month in celebration of holidays, or the seasons, or something that makes that month special.

As the inaugural beanie, here is my Leprechaun beanie. Here’s how I made it:

leprechaun beanie

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Baah! Crochet Bobbled Sheep Pillow

Sheep Pillow Crochet

I saw a picture of a sheep pillow somewhere on the internet, but then couldn’t find it when I was looking for throw pillows for the couch. So, I made my own! I wasn’t quite sure where to begin, but when in doubt, crochet!

Here’s what I came up with:

  • With worsted weight gray yarn and a size J hook, Chain 80, join with a slip stitch to form ring
  • Round 1= Sc around
  • Round 2= sc around
  • Round 3= *1bobble (a 5dc bobble), 2 sc* around
  • Repeat Rows 1-3 until piece measures 18 inches from beginning.
  • Fasten off

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Crochet Your Own Pom-Pom Teapot Cozy

Pom Pom Teapot Cozy*Because no two teapots are exactly alike, this pattern is a guide to making your own cozy and relies on your own measurements of your teapot.*

I found this little black teapot at a thrift store for a few bucks and couldn’t resist. I’m not much of a tea-drinker, but everyone in my family is obsessed with the perfect cup of tea. There have been great debates over whether or not to put the milk or the tea in the cup first. There was even a fisticuffs moment when I told my sister I didn’t really like her chai tea. However with this cute tea cozy, I might have to become a tea connoisseur! Read More »

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DIY Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella shoes diyCinderella is a princess who’s famous for her shoes. I can respect that. I love shoes. I have 54 pairs of shoes. Well, now I have 55 pairs.

In honor of Disney’s live-action version of Cinderella coming out on March 13, I decided to make my own pair of Cinderella shoes. Several designers have come out with versions of the glass slipper. These can be seen here. I plan on stepping out in style when I see the movie. Here’s how I made them:Before and after Cinderella shoes Diy Read More »

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Suitcase Pet Bed

DIY Suitcase Pet BedDog beds made from re-purposed suitcases have been popping up all over Pinterest. But most are glamour shots and don’t really give a clear tutorial on how to make one. They also use suitcases that are not your average thrift store finds.

So, I decided to take an ordinary Samsonite that I found at Savers and turned it into my own little doggy oasis.

My dog is a terrier/poodle/mutt mix and a feisty senior citizen. We had been letting him nap in his crate, but he was too territorial about it and would snap at anyone who threatened his sanctuary.

Since switching to the open bed, he is slowly coming to term with the fact that people want to pet him all the time because he’s just that cute. However, my little curmudgeon loves his new bed. In fact, I couldn’t seem to wake him up long enough to get a picture. It’s just that comfy.


thrifted samsonite suitcase

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